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Adware Removal

Adware is a form of software that displays unwanted ads when a user is online, collects data and other information without the user's knowledge. Our Adware Removal Services Include:

Scan and Clear Registry for any Adware Entry

Raps Experts installs adware removal software which will clean the unwanted programs deeply with any hidden registry entries or hidden in legitimate system files. Our Experts performs comprehensive scans to detect errors and computer settings to make it run faster ansd to increase system's proficiency.


Raps Experts installs software to uninstall unwanted toolbars and also cleans potential unwanted programs which are beneficial for your system. This is specially designed for the threats who hijack your browser and show you unwanted ads. It can easily clean these hijackers from Internet Explorer, Firefox and chrome browsers.


Our Talented Engineers assist you in removing adware and spyware and other harmful programs to bring
your computer back into its form. Our Team is available 24*7 at your disposal to free your PC from all afflictions.