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Antivirus Protection

With Raps Geeks support for Antivirus you can protect your PC from these threats
since our technical team will coordinate you in getting best antivirus that suits your system configuration.

Install and Setup Antivirus

Raps Experts installs updated version of antivirus in your system for further protection from kinds of viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, and other malfunctions on your systems. Other specifications regarding installing and uninstalling an antivirus are also assisted by our online technical team.

Full System Scan and Regular Updates

Raps Experts do full system scan before installing antivirus and removes identified threats which are harmful to your system. We also do regular updates and schedule regular scan after small interval of time. Once your system is under the observation of our experts they will give best quality service.


Our Certified Professionals are committed to provide support for successful installation
and upgradation of software for virus protection for PC or scanning and deletion of viruses.