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Computer Installation

If you are looking for Technicians who can install computer, then you have reached on the correct place.
Our certified professionals install software and hardware on your system and make it more powerful.

Support for Setup and Installation

Raps Geeks provides tech support for setup, installation and configuration of operating systems. Our Experts are always solve probelms instantly.

Customization of Settings

Raps Geeks Experts customize your computer and installed software’s settings based on your preference through own developed techniques.

Pre-installation Compatibility Check

Our Experts checks the compatibility of softwares, devices and peripherals before installing to system by various methods.

Backup of Files/Folders

Our Experts installs special software to retrieve lost files and folders. They are well trained certified professionals and assure you an outstanding experience.

Wrong installation can destroy to your computer and connected devices.
Our Experts assists you and ensure a smooth setup and installation experience.
Our Team will provide you the latest techniques for installation of PC.