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Computer Repair

Computer Repair service combines mechanical and technical skills to keep your computer in a good condition. Our A+ Certified computer repair specialists will make sure your computer works smoothly and any probelm related to software and hardware will be sorted in short time.

Remove Viruses,Malware

When your computer takes longer time to boot to windows desktop or applications stop responding and unfamiliar icons are added to desktop . This means your computer is affected by virus.

Hardware Repair

Our Technicians are experts in repairing input devices, output devices and data storage devices such as internal and external hard drives and disk arrays.

Software Repair

Our Technicians protect the user's data and settings, so that, after repair, the user will not have lost any data and can fully use the device with little interruption.

Backup Data

Losing data because of a computer problem is very common nowadays. There are various methods to backup your important documents,photos,files etc.

Installing Drivers

Every device needs a driver to work with your PC. The operating system or other computer program calls a function in the driver to execute commands on the device.

Installation of Softwares

Our Experts install softwares depending on the nature of your request. Also uninstall unwanted software and set up relevant shortcuts when necessary.

Raps Geeks employ a team of highly skilled professionals having years of expertise in computer maintenance and
computer repair to optimize your system speed, performance and make it work faster than never before.
By availing our services, you can resolve all your computer problems at highly affordable prices.!!!!