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Internet Browser Support

Internet Browser is a software application for retrieving and traversing information resources
on the World Wide Web. Raps provides browser support for your system including:

Troubleshooting Internet Issues

Raps Technical support team will provide you with solutions to fix your internet probelms. The major probelms in internet are poor signal strength and faulty wireless card.

Customized Browser settings

Browsers are packed with settings and options, many of which are hidden. Each browser has a place where you can change advanced settings and our Experts assists you with browser settings.

Improve Browsing Speed

Raps Geeks Technicians provides information how to enhance your browsing speed just by limiting the number of tabs and windows you have open and updating your web browser.

Assistance for Managing Website Calendar

Raps Experts assist you with most effective methods to how to add calender to your website to announce upcoming events. Our technical experts will get access of your PC remotely through internet so as to analyze your PC.

Our Qualified Experts provide instant help to resolve various issues related to your Internet browser in no time. Our certified experts are capable of providing quick fix for all browsing troubles. If you need assistance with any web browser that you are using please call us!!!