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Windows Speed Up

Computers are run on their own speed but there are many reasons that can delay computers speed and performance such as:

Virus,Spyware,worm or other malware

If your computer is infected, the first thing you need to do is deep scan your entire hard drive to remove all traces of the virus. Also, scan your secondary storage devices to make sure that they are clean as well.

Remove Unnecessary Startup Programs

Uninstalling unnecessary startup items results in both a faster startup and a more responsive computer, as these applications not running continuously means more RAM and CPU will be available for the operations you perform on the computer.

Sufficient or Empty Free Space

Windows require empty space for swap files to increase in size and also as space for temporary files.System speed is not only dependant upon CPU and RAM.If your hard drive is above 95% full, you will notice that your system hasn't been running at the fastest speed. We Should delete unnecessary data or move it to external storage devices.

Use Registry Cleaner

The Windows Registry is a place which keeps information about all installed programs . Use any free Registry cleaner to remove useless entries. Depending upon the number of entries in your Registry and its size, you might see a significant increase in your computer's performance.

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