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Windows Upgrade

Raps Geeks is your landing place for upgrading all types of Microsoft Windows.

Speed Up Your Computer

Windows Upgrade Improves Your boot time of your computer which inturns increases speed and your system will smooth and faster.

New Features

Many new features and various system improvements are added automatically when we Upgrade system.


Windows Upgrade provides stability and allows operating system to run fast and genuine.

Security and data protection

Upgrade assures data protection and security and removes undesireable data automatically.

Latest Web Browser

Windows Upgrade installed latest browser for all the things that you do online and for safe browsing.

Virtual Private Network

Windows upgrade turn down the costs by empowering Microsoft Solutionsfor VPN.

Raps Geeks is there for you 24x7, 365 days to assist you in technical support for your system and when it comes to
Microsoft products we deliver best support in the industry. We have certified engineers from
Microsoft who are experts and assist in best way so that you feel delighted!!!!